Back in 2022, two major medical issues converged for the first time in my life. Those health issues have slowed (but NOT stopped) my efforts to bring attention to the work of emerging writers on Bluesky and X (formerly Twitter). Those ongoing medical issues are the cause of my increasingly limited mobility and periodic absence online.

Dealing with two major medical issues simultaneously means I occasionally miss important publication news that I’d normally retweet. So, please don’t hesitate to DM me over at X (formerly Twitter) if I miss and fail to repost (formerly retweet) an exciting, new publication announcement.

I continue to pay it forward by using my Bluesky and X (formerly Twitter) accounts to promote emerging writers to a wider audience and repost (free of charge) book publication announcements, literary awards, shortlist/longlist/nominations, publication in journals and magazines, as well as great new reviews.

https://Twitter.com/RodMannix – Rod Mannix on X (Twitter)

https://Twitter.com/LiteraryRetweet – Literary Retweet on X (Twitter)

https://Twitter.com/RetweetWriters – Retweet Writers on X (Twitter)

https://Twitter.com/LiteraryHalcyon – Literary Halcyon on X (Twitter)

https://bsky.app/profile/rodmannix.bsky.social – Rod Mannix on Bluesky

https://bsky.app/profile/writingcommunity.bsky.social – Writing Community on Bluesky

https://bsky.app/profile/literarybulletin.bsky.social – Literary Bulletin on Bluesky

Pay It Forward on Ko-fi

Some literary journals/magazines and other cool literary projects use Ko-fi to help raise funds. Although I’m not affiliated with any of these projects, you can help emerging writers by supporting these smaller literary journals. They are often the very first venues to publish emerging writers.