Frequently Asked Questions

In a single sentence I can answer the majority of questions I get. I don’t offer advice, beta read, review or critique work, recommend agents or publicists.

I’m trying to get my book published. Can you retweet this so I can find a publisher?

I retweet announcements regarding newly published books, poems, short stories and awards for the aforementioned. Not pitches seeking a publisher for unpublished manuscripts.

I need a new computer to complete my manuscript. Can you retweet my GoFundMe page?

Nope. Outside the purview of what I do.

Would you RT my PitMad pitch?

I do not retweet #PitMad, #PitDark, #SFFpit, #FlipPit, #PBpitch, #iwsgpit, #PitchDis, #DVpit, #pitlight, #LatinxPitch, #KidLitGN, #moodpitch, pitch wars, or other similar tweets.

Can you promote my podcast and blog?

I don’t retweet blogs, podcasts, porn, erotica, the work of psychics or clairvoyants, or accounts advocating hate, racism, discrimination, or violence. I also try to avoid accounts that exist primarily to sell non-literary merchandise, as well as those that are primarily political in nature.

What’s your agenda? What’s the catch?

No catch. Nothing self-serving. I’m just paying it forward by retweeting emerging writers (free of charge) on Twitter.

Can I send you a copy of my book in thanks for all your help?

I sincerely thank those who’ve made such offers. But I do not accept gifts (books, bookmarks, merchandise, etc.) or donations. I don’t want any writer spending their money on postage or merchandise to thank me for a Ko-fi donation or promoting their work on Twitter. Following and recommending my Twitter accounts, retweeting my tweets, and shout-outs are appreciated and more than sufficient.