Free X (Twitter) & Bluesky Promotion for Writers

Many folks can’t afford the services of those who charge to promote and repost writers on X (formerly Twitter). My various Twitter accounts (links below) repost and introduce emerging writers to a wider audience. New publication announcements, great new reviews, literary awards and acceptances by journals, magazines and anthologies are celebrated and reposted.

If you’re a writer looking for a promotional boost on Bluesky or Twitter (free of charge), follow one or all of my accounts and I’ll get to work reposting (formerly retweeting) any good news about your published writing to a wider audience. As a retired writer, I’m now paying it forward to assist emerging writers and those with smaller accounts. DM me if I don’t catch a specific publication announcement you’d like promoted.

Suggestions: Pin a link to your work at the top of your X (formerly Twitter) page to make it as easy as possible to read or purchase. You don’t want to force a potential reader to scroll through endless posts to find your work.

Vary the promotions for your work. Each promo should demonstrate your creativity to potential readers. Infusing your posts with wit and humor is a great way to display that creativity. Clever promos utilizing humor will get far more engagement than blasting out the exact same boring, cookie cutter promo day after day. – Rod Mannix – My personal X (Twitter) page – Literary Retweet on X (Twitter) – Retweet Writers on X (Twitter) – Literary Halcyon on X (Twitter) – Rod Mannix – My personal Bluesky page – Writing Community on Bluesky – Literary Bulletin on Bluesky

NOTE: I do NOT repost PitMad, PitDark, SFFpit, FlipPit, PBpitch, PitchDis, DVpit, pitlight, LatinxPitch, KidLitGN, moodpitch, pitch wars, or other similar posts. Nor do I repost porn, erotica, or the work of psychics or clairvoyants.