Origins – How this all started

When my writing career was starting out back in the 1980s, a respected writer-producer I was interviewing for an article, mentioned he was about to retire and was trying to pass along to young writers some of the knowledge he’d accumulated over his long career. He kindly spent hours offering tips, tricks and hints on writing, dealing with networks, studios, and producers.

I’ve never forgotten that kindness. Now that I’m retired, I’m using my Bluesky and various X (formerly Twitter) accounts to introduce emerging writers to a wider audience as my way of giving back.

Nothing profound, or earth-shattering, I’m just paying it forward. – Rod Mannix (My personal Twitter page) – Literary Retweet on Twitter – Retweet Writers on Twitter – Literary Halcyon on Twitter – Rod Mannix on Bluesky – Writing Community on Bluesky – Literary Bulletin on Bluesky

NOTE: I will never knowingly repost Bluesky or X (formerly Twitter) accounts advocating hate, racism, discrimination, or violence. I also try to avoid accounts that exist primarily to sell non-literary merchandise, as well as those that are primarily political in nature. Also, I do not RT PitMad, PitDark, SFFpit, FlipPit, PBpitch, PitchDis, DVpit, pitlight, LatinxPitch, KidLitGN, moodpitch, pitch wars, or other similar tweets. Nor do I repost porn, erotica, or the work of psychics or clairvoyants.