Donate your unused X (formerly Twitter) account

If you have an old, unused X (formerly Twitter) account, please consider donating it to help expand efforts to introduce emerging writers to a wider audience. Donation of any Twitter account with over 5,000 followers is welcome and most appreciated.

Help emerging writers (some of whom have been marginalized, excluded and underrepresented in the publishing world) expand their engagement with other writers, potential readers and perhaps make a sale or two by donating your old, unused Twitter account.

Instead of just deleting your Twitter account when you move to alternative social media sites, please consider donating it to assist us in getting the word out about new, emerging or unknown writers.

Promoting emerging writers and their work via our various Twitter accounts is always done free of charge. This helps level the playing field a bit for those with limited (or no) funds to promote their writing. Helping amplify new publication announcements, great new reviews, literary awards and acceptances by journals and magazines, at no cost, is my way of giving back to the writing community.

To donate your unused X (Twitter) account, just contact me over at Twitter. 👇

Thank you!