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Paying it forward by reposting the writing community (free of charge) on X (formerly Twitter) and Bluesky.

My Bluesky and various X (formerly Twitter) accounts introduce authors to a wider audience. Shining a spotlight on emerging writers, their newly published works, great new reviews, shortlist/longlist/nominations, literary awards and acceptances by journals & magazines gives a little boost to those who might not have much in the way of funds for promotion. Visit and follow my Bluesky and various Twitter pages and perhaps you’ll discover a new author, a favorite new book, short story or poem. – Rod Mannix on X (Twitter) – Retweet Writers on X (Twitter) – Literary Retweet on X (Twitter) – Literary Halcyon on X (Twitter) – Rod Mannix on Bluesky – Writing Community on Bluesky – Literary Bulletin on Bluesky

It’s been very gratifying to see emerging writers expand their engagement with other writers and potential readers, grow their accounts, and perhaps make a sale or two as a result of my promoting them and their work. Makes it all worthwhile.


On a personal note, I’d like to offer my sincere thanks to those writers who’ve taken the time to reach out and express your gratitude for the work I do promoting you and your publications. Despite the fact that I don’t do this for thanks or acknowledgements, I genuinely appreciate your incredibly kind words. I do not take your gratitude for granted. It’s very motivating. THANK YOU!

Please note: I do NOT accept gifts (books, bookmarks, merchandise, etc.) or donations. I do NOT want any author spending their money on postage or merchandise in gratitude for promoting their work on X (formerly Twitter) and Bluesky. Following and reposting my Bluesky & Twitter accounts and shout-outs are appreciated and more than sufficient.

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